Operating Theatre Transfer Stretcher TT-10

Sometimes patients need to be transferred due to various reasons and in these times, special medical equipment is required. Operating Theatre Transfer Stretcher TT-10 is one of this unique equipment that can help you to carry our transfer operations from one stretcher to another easily. The quality of this product can contribute to the quality of your services and the comfort you offer to your patients. In addition to this, it will increase the efficiency of your operations by any means.

This special equipment is developed by Rausmann company, which is a well-known brand in medical equipment manufacturing. The product is water and fire-resistant and it can be customized by the brand before the purchase in line with your specific demands. Any medical facility planning to offer high-quality and comfortable services to their patients should benefit from such recent technology equipment. You can visit www.rausmann.com to get more information on this and other similar products.

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